RocketJump Studios’ Resident Evil Short Film Released on Youtube 0

freddie wong resident evil

Freddie Wong’s Rocketjump Studios has just released their Capcom and Resident Evil 6-sponsored short video on Youtube, after previously making it exclusive to their website. Titled “Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness,” the short features Freddie Wong and his crew (including the extremely attractive Leeanna Vamp) dealing with the zombie apocalypse in the only way they know how: BADLY.

There’s a wide variety of nods to Resident Evil lore (including a Wesker-type character who’s actually a huge coward) and it shows Freddie Wong himself getting his face chewed on by an infected. It also gives you an incentive to be one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, since it may give you a chance to be the one who’ll repopulate the earth with Leanna Vamp – that is, if she’s going to survive the ordeal herself. Watch the video below to find out: