Roberto Orci to Replace J.J. Abrams as Star Trek Director? 0


J.J. Abrams previously clarified that there’s room in his schedule for both Star Wars and Star Trek, but it seems that Paramount is now shopping around for a new director to helm their Sci Fi franchise, with Roberto Orci reportedly lobbying hard to be the chosen one.

It is said that Paramount is still unsure at this point, but the studio has been rumored to be interested in getting Joe Cornish to replace Abrams, only for the director to turn them down due to concerns over stepping into what he perceive as someone else’s franchise.

Orci’s interest in Star Trek’s director’s seat does not necessarily signal the end of his writing partnership with Alex Kurtzman, as the duo are still set to collaborate on small screen projects, such as Sleepy Hollow and Hawaii Five-0.