Rayman Legends Announced on E3 2012

Rayman Legends Announced on E3 2012 0

Rayman Legends Announced on E3 2012

During their E3 2012 press con, Ubisoft presented a demo of Rayman Legends for the Wii U, which features co-op play with Rayman and a new character named Murphy. The demo gave attendees a sneak peek at the games touch-based gameplay and its highly interactive environments.

Rayman Legends has support for up to five players on the Wii U, and allows players to use different methods of control at the same time, such as the wiimotes, the wii u gamepad, the pro controller, and possibly other types of Wii U controller that have yet to be revealed. The game takes advantage of the Wii U Gamepad’s screen by showing all the on-screen action on its screen, as well as allowing interaction with objects via the touch screen. The game also has support for the tilt function, allowing the player to rotate objects.

More details will be posted when they are made available.

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