First Person Sonic the Hedgehog 0

sonic first person

By now, you’re probably already familiar with the fan-made Youtube video that puts Super Mario Bros. in First Person Perspective. It was certainly a novel idea and showed the Mushroom Kingdom as a really beautiful place (not counting the Goombas and the ridiculously large cannons that shoot equally large bullets). Most people will also remember that it’s nausea-inducing, especially when Mario starts jumping around.

Machinima apparently forgot that last part, as they have recently featured a video featuring Mario’s long-time rival mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, in a first-person perspective version of his videogame’s Act 1. Now, everyone will remember that the Sonic games, while still considered a platformer, are markedly different from Mario games in terms of pace and dynamics. While Mario prioritizes precision jumping over speed, Sonic goes the other way around in the early parts, as it lets you eschew precision over just going really damn fast. When translated to First Person, that means Sonic the Hedgehog is even worse at letting you keep your lunch, so take that as a warning before watching the video below: