Pee-Powered Toylet Game from SEGA Goes Public. 0

Pee-Powered Toylet Game from SEGA Goes Public.

Sega has recently announced that their “Toylet” game is now on the market for the general public. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Toylet is a new game machine/urinal hybrid that lets players relieve themselves on a urinal sensor, which measures the volume and pressure of their urine, which can serve as the control method for a variety of games, using a screen that is electronically attached to said urinal.

Some examples of the pee-controlled games include rapid-fire challenges such as filling coffee cans, making milk squire from a tough dude’s nose, and blowing wind up a girl’s skirt. One of the benefits of the Toylet, besides adding entertainment value to an otherwise mundane task, is that it encourages people to keep their streams in line and minimizes spillover, which will save businesses from a few unnecessary janitorial chores. The Toylet equipment is priced at ¥140,000 ($1,748), with individual games running ¥10,000 ($125) each. An optional coin slot box can be purchased for ¥25,000 ($312), should you want to recoup those expenses at ¥10 per play.