NVidia to Enter the Handheld Gaming Market via the Nvidia Shield 0

NVidia to Enter the Handheld Gaming Market via the Nvidia Shield

Graphics and mobile processor giant nVidia has recently wowed attendees of CES 2013 by unveiling their newest project, dubbed the nVidia Shield. The Shield is an ambitious 5-inch handheld gaming device powered by nVidia’s Tegra 4 processor and driven by a skinless build of Android.

The nVidia Shield offers console-level controls, as the handheld itself is shaped much like an Xbox 360 controller (the green/black color scheme doesn’t help in removing any comparisons), with it’s own foldable/clamshell type LCD screen. The Tegra 4 ensures that it has enough horsepower to play console-level games in terms of graphics and depth. The android OS also provides access to the Google store, making this a good competitor to the Ouya console. The handheld also has the ability to play the latest PC games by streaming from a PC with the latest nVidia gaming card (functioning like a wireless controller with a built-in screen).

Nvidia states that this isn’t a mere concept, and that the product is expected to ship during Q2 2013. But it will most likely have a different name once it hits the market. The Shield’s presentation experienced a few hiccups during live demo, but it managed to show off that it can successfully stream Need for Speed from a PC to a 4K television. NVidia also announced that The Shield will be able to access nearly 2000 games via Valve’s Steam service, including Assassin’s Creed III, which played silky smooth on the device.