Nintendo Direct’s Pre-E3 2012 Video Presentation

Nintendo Direct’s Pre-E3 2012 Video Presentation 0

Nintendo Direct’s Pre-E3 Video Presentation

If you’ve missed out on Nintendo Direct’s Pre-E3 Video Presentation, or you just didn’t watch it out of spite and are now regretting your actions, worry not, as Nintendo Direct has made the video presentation available through Youtube. If you’re on one of them slow arse net connections, you may want to let the video buffer first and grab a popcorn while it does its thing – the video comes in at a hefty 30 minutes. Certainly not your run of the mill 5 minute teaser:

The 30 minute presentation reveals a few key details about the Wii U’s controller, and unveils the fact that Nintendo has finally caught on with the concept of Social Networking, which they took and further innovated the way Nintendo does everytime they get a hold of a new concept or technology – with the reveal of the Miiverse. You can also catch glimpses of a NEW New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Stay tuned in the following days as the E3 conference kicks into high gear. Mightygeek will update you on things as they happen (or at least, other sites will update Mightygeek on things as they happen, then we’ll pass the news along on to you.)

Via: IGN

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