NES Legend of Zelda 3D 1

NES Legend of Zelda 3D

We already have Ocarina of Time and the other 3D Zelda games that came after it, so nobody’s actually wondering what Legend of Zelda would look and how it plays like with 3 dimensions (X/Y/Z coordinates, dudes.), but what about the original NES game, what would a NES Legend of Zelda 3D look like if everything about the game was preserved, and we just added another D to its already workable 2D?

Well, Radix over at TIGForums is working on a Legend of Zelda fangame that puts our beloved elfin hero and his princess in full 3D, without changing anything about the graphics. The result is pure retro goodness that kind of reminds you of a medieval Wolfenstein 3D.

There’s a downloadable WIP build at the TIGForums thread if you want to try it out (the author would appreciate any and all feedback), so go ahead and try it. It’s only 800kb, which shouldn’t take you a couple of seconds to download using your multiple megabees per second bandwidth.