Monster Hunter’s Rathalos Enters the Guiness Book of World Records 1

Monster Hunter's Rathalos Enters the Guiness Book of World Records

One of the big bad marks from the Monster Hunter videogame franchise, the Rathalos, has recently entered the Guiness Book of World Records. Or at least, a statue based on it.

The Guiness Book world record holding Rathalos in question is the 20-meter “life size” animatronic statue at the Universal Studios Japan theme park in Osaka, which has the ability to move, roar, and shoot smoke. It also glitters, which is a feature that used to be exclusive to pansy vampires.

Said statue was recently declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest game-based statue in the world, and has since been formally inducted into the records. Given the popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise in North America, and with Capcom’s recent interest in funding real world reproductions of their licenses (such as the recent Resident Evil-themed cafe), can we get our own Rathalos in Florida? And are we allowed to chuck cherry bombs at it?