Microsoft May Release Office for Android and iOS 0

Microsoft May Release Office for Android and iOS

According to a Microsoft representative from Czechoslovakia, the software giant is planning to release a port of the newest Office suite to iOS and Android users on March 2013. The Verge also mentioned that there is a press release confirming Microsoft’s plan of porting Office to other platforms besides Windows, and has even mentioned that the first ones who will get a taste of the new Office will be business users, with the consumer launch to follow.

Of course, without any official confirmation from Microsoft, anything related to iOS and Android ports of Microsoft Office are rumors at best. In fact, an official statement from MS stated that the Czech subsidiary’s information is inaccurate:

“The information shared by our Czech subsidiary is not accurate. We don’t have anything to further share at this time”.

But Microsoft has already stated in the past that they plan to bring the Office Suite to mobile platforms including iOS and Android, and they didn’t specify which part of the statement is inaccurate (the date?), so there’s still a chance that we will see an iOS and Android Msoffice suite.