Microsoft Planning to Release Surface Smartphone 0

Microsoft Planning to Release Surface Smartphone

It seems that the Windows 8-based Surface tablet isn’t really Microsoft’s final hardware offering for this period, as they are now planning to launch their own WP8 powered smartphone in the coming months.

There are no announcements regarding the launch date and the hardware specs, but it was reported to be a unique device and cannot be compared to the current devices that meet the WP8 hardware requirements. It is said to carry the Surface brand name and will have high end specs that will allow it to compete with other high end smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It seems that Microsoft is not shying away from driving a wedge between them and their major vendor partners, such as Nokia and Samsung. It has already happened when they originally announced their Surface tablet, and it seems that the Redmond based tech company is planning to follow in Google Nexus’ route.