Man Attacks Roommate with Claws 0

Man Attacks Roommate with Claws

This has been making the rounds today: 19 year old Kristofer Ryan Huff is being charged with aggravated assault after attacking his roommate with a knife and a replica of the claws associated with Marvel comics character Wolverine.

The alleged attack happened earlier this month, resulting in around five to six wounds to the 20 year old roommate’s head, along with two in his arm and multiple defense wounds on the hands. He also suffered a really deep wound in the thigh, as per reported by Vernal Police Sgt. Vance Norton. Huff’s mother was also hurt in the scuffle, receiving a stab wound in the left arm after she attempted to pull Huff off of his roommate during the incident.

It has been said that the Huff and his roommate have been friends since they were young, but have been having difficulties when the roommate started dating Huff’s mother.