Long lost controversial Zeus Comics to be displayed 0

We’ve all had fantasies about stumbling upon a hidden cache of old comics somewhere, and occasionally we hear stories of just such things happening.  This is one of them.  This past week, former Cracked and Marvel editor Mort Todd was renovating a home in Portland, Oregon and discovered a hidden stash of the once controversial and now largely forgotten Zeus Comics!  Zeus Comics is credited as being one of the many graphic publishers that inspired the government investigation into comics in the 1950’s.  Due to spotty distribution, poor paper quality, and the infamous comic burnings of the period,  Zeus was among the many publishers who’s product was thought lost forever.

Todd plans on publicly displaying the books at Coast City Comics on April 1st, and hopefully having a talk with the now 105 year old publisher, Zig Zoosman at this year’s Fantacon.

Mort Todd displays the Zeus Comics he discovered while renovating a house.:


You can visit the official site at http://getvex.com/zeus.html