Hello Kitty Gets Launched Into Space 0

hello kitty space

Technically, Melody Green and her 7th grade classmates at Cornerstone Christian School only launched Hello Kitty 25 miles up in the air, but instead of just packing their bags and going home (in time for din-din!), they made sure that it looks at least like the mascot reached outer space.

The seventh graders used a GoPro camera, a styrofoam cooler, a weather balloon, and a Hello Kitty Doll (which Melody’s father bought from a trip to Japan) sitting inside a homemade silver rocket and launched it up as far as it can go. It’s not a product of middle school boredom, the girls launched the mascot up in the air for a school project on the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature.

The rocket made it up to the area called the tropopause, which is right between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The kitty eventually landed 47 miles from where she was initially launched.