Japan’s McDonald’s brings 3DS/DS Game Downloads 0

Japan’s McDonald’s brings 3DS/DS Game Downloads

Over the next four weeks, Japanese fans of the Nintendo 3DS and McDonald’s will have something that brings together two of their favorite things, as Japan’s McDonald’s branches will start to offer FREE downloadable content for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds.

Some of the more noteworthy free content being made available include the four DLC packs for Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 for the Nintendo 3DS, and an original stand alone game called Slime Ship Battle DX for both the DS and 3DS. Additionally, gamers who are able to beat Slime Ship Battle DX will be entitled to a McDonald’s coupon as a reward.

There is no word on whether the branches will reward gamers who are able to play the games without getting grease, cheese, mayo, and other food stains on the touchscreen, a Herculean task that I, myself, find very hard to accomplish. At the very least, they should offer free table napkins for wiping.

Via: Gamasutra