iPhone 5’s Purple Flare is Normal, says Apple Support 0

iPhone 5’s Purple Flare is Normal, says Apple Support

If you’re one of the lucky few who already grabbed an iPhone 5 way ahead of us humans, and you’ve already went ahead and played with the new 8mp camera and a very bright light source, you may have experienced a few shots that are ruined by a very noticeable “purple flare.”

One of Gizmodo’s avid readers was able to experience the aforementioned purple flare, and when he sent his concerns to Apple Care support, the issue was escalated to the Cupertino based company’s “engineering team.”

According to the support rep, the purple flare is caused by the camera’s sapphie glass coating, but it is “considered a normal behavior”, so if you want to shoot anything near a bright light source with your brand spanking new iPhone 5, you may want to angle it away from the light source, in order to avoid this very special “feature.”

Via: http://gizmodo.com/5947972/apple-acknowledges-iphone-5-camera-problem-says-youre-holding-it-wrong?