Henry Rollins: The Long March Tour 0

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of making the trip down to New Orleans, LA, to see a figure who has had a powerful influence on my life, first in my teenage years during my discovery of punk rock, and now again in my thirties, where my awareness of our cuntry’s situation has expanded and I have outgrown my nihilistic tendencies (but not my cynical ones):  Henry Rollins.

Now 51, Rollins has reinvented himself as a world traveling raconteur and activist, a sort of punk rock version of George Carlin, if you will.  Rollins unique blend of social commentary, punk rock road stories, his ongoing battles with personal assistant, Heidi aka “The Demon”, and life in general, was in full effect at the House of Blues in New Orleans during a show that lasted almost three hours.  The Long March (or The Last Mile, as The Demon terms it) is a tour that Rollins plans to run from this year into next March, with rest breaks inbetween some shows.

For information on where Henry will be appearing, visit www.henryrollins.com

Meet Henry: