Hard Disk Drive Shortage to last until 2nd half of 2012 0

Shortage of Hard Disk Drives to last until 2nd half of 2012

By default, the end and the start of the year is usually the time of the year where upgrading your PC is easier, what with all the holiday sales going on, but this year, you may want to save your money for a while, at least, when it comes to Hard Disks.

The recent flooding in Thailand has affected the world’s supply of hard disks, with majority of the manufacturing plants heavily hit by the flood. According to suppliers, it will take until March of 2012 before supply can catch up with demand.
Most stores have already sold their stock of HDDs in the lower price range, with the remaining ones either coming from expensive models or ones with prices that were increased due to the laws of supply and demand.

Solid State Drives are not affected by the shortage, but SSDs right now are still more expensive than motorized HDDs that it can’t be considered an alternative, especially if you require large sizes.