New Fan-Made JRPG Stars Kanye West 0


It’s very easy to make fun of musician Kanye West these days, despite the fact that he’s actually one of the artists that is seen as talented even by people who dislike his genre. This is largely through his own fault, as he seems to have lost touch with reality these days.

However, there are people out there who may not be able to resist making fun of the R & B artist, but still took the high road and refused to half-ass things. If they’re going to make fun of Kanye, then by golly – they’re going to exert effort. Enough effort to actually craft an entire JRPG-styled adventure around the talented, but horribly misguided artist.

Enter: Kanye Quest 3030, an adventure that has Kanye West himself fighting cloned rappers such as Snoop Lion and 2Pac Shakur in an alternate future. You can check out the trailer below for more details: