E3 2012 Trailer for Tomb Raider’s Gameplay

E3 2012 Trailer for Tomb Raider’s Gameplay 0

E3 2012 Trailer for Tomb Raider’s Gameplay

I used to feel sorry for Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft due to her waning popularity, especially after failing to keep up with other games in a genre that she actually invented (or innovated?) in the first place. But after seeing the E3 Trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider Reboot, I started feeling sorry for the character even more.

Don’t get me wrong, though, the trailer is all kinds of awesome and I’m glad that she’s getting a chance to take advantage of modern consoles’ number and polygon crunching capabilities to deliver a modern Tomb Raider game, but the trailer shows the heroine get shot, beat up, thrown off a cliff, and even fall down from a tree in this very edgy take on the classic platforming exploration franchise:

Judging by the trailer, Tomb Raider seems to be more action oriented than the previous games. It’s not God of War, though – you’re probably gonna die fast if you try to go Gung-Ho against the enemies – stealth still plays an important role but the combat looks awesome on their own.

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