DragonBall Z Live Action Fan Film: Saiyan Saga 0

DragonBall Z Live Action Fan Film: Saiyan Saga

One of key criticisms levied against Dragonball Z Evolution is the fact that it’s not exactly faithful to the franchise that it was trying to adapt. All we got was a crappy special effects-laden film with slight thematic nods to the source material. However, the defense is that Dragonball Z itself would not work as a straight live action film. It would simply look silly unless you remove most of the trademark aspects of the franchise (ridiculously spiky hair, everybody moving faster than light, green-skinned alien with stalks on their forehead, midgets who can blow up the earth with a finger).

A group of filmmakers from the UK are trying to see if they can succeed where Hollywood (and a bunch of Taiwanese filmmakers a few decades ago) have failed, with a completely fan made live action film that attempts to recreate Akira Toriyama’s popular shonen series. You can watch the full trailer below and see for yourself: