Doctor Who Unshot Scene: P.S. 0

the ponds ps

File this video under “How Did I Miss This?” although the answer may be as simple as me not paying much attention to Doctor Who after Asylum of the Daleks and feeling underwhelmed with the episodes that followed. Oddly enough, it seems like one of the best moments during that time is a scene that wasn’t even shot, but Chris Chibnall and co. decided to show us anyway, via the storyboard art, the script, and narration by Arthur Darvill.

P.S. is a must-watch for Pond Family fans, as it addresses one plot thread hanging by the time the true Clara Oswald came along: what happened to Brian Willaims? It was a particularly bothering aspect of the series for me – here was a father who finally learned to trust the fate of his son and daughter in law to the doctor, only for said immediate finally to be sent back to the past and be unable to come back. The P.S. short shows that Rory, unlike the doctor, doesn’t want to leave anyone behind without even a word of goodbye. Go watch it, now, and keep a hankie handy, you big baby: