Development Hell: Robocop 0

Development Hell:Robocop

As we announced earlier, MGM is rebooting the Robocop franchise.  We here at Mighty Geek, just like everyone else on the internet, think that we know who should be doing the electric boogaloo in the steel jammies.

  • Doug Jones

    Doug Jones of 'guy in a crazy monster suit' fame

    Alex Murphy/Robocop: Once an experienced cop until a group of thugs kills him in the line of duty, the man is transformed into a cyborg crime-fighter.  Obi Wan voice, “… more machine than man…” I would say that Brandon Routh would be perfect with his lack of emotion; but if there’s one thing that the crappy made for TV Robocop movies taught me, it’s that putting a bad actor in the suit just makes things worse.  You need someone who can not only act, but who knows how movement works to evoke character just as Weller’s methodical movements did in the first two films.  Who better, then, than Doug Jones?  He’s the guy you’re watching when you don’t know he’s the guy you’re watching.  Usually covered up in prosthetic make-up or other special effects, Jones has portrayed Pan in Pan’s Labyrinth, the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Abe Sapien in Hellboy while having his dialogue dubbed in by someone else.  But Doug got to prove himself in the animated Hellboy movies and Hellboy 2 by voicing Abe himself.  I think the man’s got enough chops to pull of this lead role that seems to be specifically suited to his specialized talents.

  • Regina King of TNT's Southland

    Anne Lewis: Lewis is another experienced cop patrolling the deteriorating Detroit metro west area.  She’s tough and beautiful.  While most movies would portray her as a love interest, she’s not.  She’s simply the only person who recognizes Murphy and tries to help him regain the humanity that’s been programmed out of him.  Murphy’s love is still his family.  Anne Lewis represents the fraternal, for lack of a better word, bond that cops have with their partners.  Regina King has displayed all of the requirments for this role with her fantastic performance on cable TV cop drama Southland.

  • Spongebob wouldn't be so spastic if he knew the Kurgan was his boss.

    Dick Jones: The Vice-President of Omni Consumer Products (OCP), the creators of the Robocop project and currently in charge of Detroit’s police force, is a scheming, shiftless man.  He’s awaiting the day when he takes the reigns of OCP and the New Detroit project. I give you one of the most talented character actors of the last thirty years: Mr. Clancy Brown.  After all, he’s the goddamn Kurgan.  Brown’s range is evident in the fact that, while most of you will recognize him more over-the-top characters such as the previously mentioned Kurgan in Highlander and Zim in Starship Troopers, he’s also turned in fantastic performances as the gentle monster in the Frankenstein adaptation The Bride and the fact that he’s the voice of Mr. Krabs on Spongebob.  While Ronny Cox’s Jones was a perfect portrayal of the classic 80’s corporate villain, Brown skill of knowing when to work subtle and when to be bombastic could give a great deal of depth to this antagonist.

  • Josh Hartnett looking for the facial hair equivalent of Rogain.

    Bob Morton: Well, Bob is the guy who steps up and on Dick Jone’s toes when he pushes for his Robocop program to replace Jones’s malfunctioning ED-209 series.  He’s the young up-and-comer ready to prove himself to the president and board as just the kind of guy OCP needs for its future.  Essentially, he uses mathematical algorithms to place Alex Murphy, as well as several other ‘candidates’, into harms way hoping to get a body and experienced brain to build his police cyborg around.  He needs to be young, energetic, have a sense of entitlement, and be angry that it hasn’t been fulfilled.  Josh Hartnett has shown himself to be good actor.  Plus, he could channel all that anger from not being able to grow a decent looking beard into the roll.

  • Ben Foster is ready to kick Crowe to the side and roll on his own as head bad guy.

    Clarence J. Boddicker: A madman with powerful friends.  Boddicker is the psychopath who’s gotten in bed with Jones to run the criminal enterprise that will surround the construction of New Detroit by helping to turn old Detroit into a war zone to make way for OCP’s future.  A drug running, bank robbing psychopath who, along with his gang, killed Office Alex Murphy with a show of ridiculous violence.  I cannot express to those of you who have never seen the original just how genius Kurtwood Smith’s performance of total energy and enjoyment of destruction was.  It’s always a good idea never to try and copy such brilliance.  That’s why I’m going younger and a different brand of homicidal.  Ben Foster has proven himself time and again as a top notch actor.  His 3:10 to Yuma performance alone wins him this role.

  • The Old Man: The President of OCP.  Essentially, he’s there to represent the disconnect from the public at large.  He’s concerned about money, not human lives.  He’s almost oblivious to anything outside of his immediate grasp. Is it his age or his money that causes him to be so ignorant of common decency while parading around as king of the mountain?  Sir Ian Holmcan, and has, perfectly portrayed all those qualities.  I see no one better to fill such a small, but important role.What’s the verdict?  Did I get it right?  How would you cast this revival?