Crazy Taxi to Make its Way to iOS Devices 0

Crazy Taxi to Make its Way to iOS Devices

Sega is continuing their healthy support for mobile gaming with the upcoming re-release of Crazy Taxi. There’s no specific release date announced and no special features outlined yet, with the only details announced concern its platform of choice, which is Apple’s iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). They also released a new teaser:

Crazy Taxi originally came out for Sega’s last videogame console, the Dreamcast and its arcade counterpart, the Naomi. Japanese games back then had names consisting of words that don’t have any connection with each other nor with the game they are representing (for example, a Chess game being called Burger Troll: Jet), but Crazy Taxi is one of the exceptions, as it has you driving a Taxi, and it is one of the games that truly deserve the “Crazy” adjective, as you try to get passengers to their destinations without any regard for traffic laws and safety.