China Finally Lifts Foreign Video Game Console Ban 0

china videogame ban

China has recently lifted their ban on video game consoles, which was set in place back in 2000 under the aim of protecting the well-being of its younger citizens. The move seems to have been developing since fall of 2012, but before you start thinking of this as a victory for gamers everywhere, you should keep in mind that the ban on the sales of foreign video game consoles in the country is only temporary.

The move is China’s attempt to ease the restrictions on foreign trade, with foreign invested enterprises now being allowed to make gaming consoles in Shanghai’s free trade zone, with sales of the consoles themselves in China being subject to inspection by cultural departments.

China does have a gaming industry, but the market is centered on PC and mobile instead of consoles. According to the BBC, China’s gaming industry is a $13 billion market, with PC gaming making up two thirds.