Bus that travels over traffic

Bus that travels over traffic 0

Bus that travels over traffic
This may have flown under your radar, but last august, Shenzen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment unveiled a design for a commuter monorail that used the space between traffic and bridges, in the sense that it’s a bus that lets other vehicles pass underneath (look at the picture above to understand). The benefit of this, besides giving Spidey and Doc Ock a new place to fight in, is that it frees up space that a bus would normally occupy, thereby helping reduce traffic.

Construction for the first few working commuter monorails will start in Beijing’s Mentougou district by year’s end, but the rest of the world would have to stare in envy, probably while being stuck in traffic. Only way we’d get one is if designer Song Youzhou has his way. You see, Youzhou wants everyone to have these awesome monorails, so he founded the US Elevated High Speed Bus Group Inc, which is on the look out for manufacturers to build (and outlets to sell) the so called straddling bus to proper American locales.

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/27/bus-that-travels-over-traffic-longs-for-us-embrace-designer-see/

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