Bomb Scare Caused by Mario Bros. Power Box 0

Bomb Scare Caused by Mario Bros. Power Box

Last Friday, the world was still reeling from the shock caused by the Boston marathon bombing attack along with the succeeding hunt for the two terrorists that caused it. But one neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona, had to deal with their very own bomb scare. One that may look familiar to gamers everywhere and would actually be funny if it weren’t so scary and offensive given the context.

The residents of Spence Avenue and Newberry Lane last Friday were terrorized by a mock-up of a Super Mario Bros. power-up box found in the middle of the street. Given the current situation, authorities were immediately summoned to the scene. Around 50 people were evacuated from their homes for half an hour when authorities arrived on the scene to investigate. Thankfully, the box does not contain anything harmful, just a bunch of papers.