BBC Announces Matt Smith’s Replacement for Doctor Who 0

peter capaldi doctor who

News about Matt Smith stepping down from the role of the doctor has been floating around the net for months now, and while there are a few fans who were hoping that it’s just another misdirection from Moffat and crew, the BBC has pretty much set everything in stone by announcing Matt Smith’s replacement as the timelord: Peter Capaldi.

Longtime Whovians will note that Peter Capaldi has already appeared in a couple of roles in the Whoniverse (is that even a word?). First as Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii (where he met the tenth doctor and then-companion Donna Noble), and next as the sorta-kinda villain/high ranking government liaison, John Frobisher, in Torchwood’s Children of Earth. Some really clever fans have also noted that Peter Capaldi was also in World War Z recently as the “W.H.O. Doctor.”

At 55 years old, Peter Capaldi will be around the same age as the first doctor, William Hartnell, when he steps into the role. This will hopefully take stories into refreshing new directions, and will at least stop any further storylines involving romantic attractions between the doctor and his companions.