New Batman Could Appear in Theatres in 2015 0

New Batman Could Appear in Theatres in 2015

There’s rumor going arond that DC is planning to line up its long-awaited Justice League movie to compete with The Avengers 2, with reporting that the film will feature a movie version of the world’s greatest detective alongside fellow A-listers Superman and Wonder Woman.

Batman on Film claims that a DC source leaked info about the studio’s plans to release Justice League as their next big screen project after Man of Steel, with 2015 being targeted as the launching pad for the superhero team-up movie.

The film is said to include an incarnation of Batman different from the one on Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and that this new Batman would be launched into his own series of films after Justice League.

According to the rumor, DC will also use the Justice League movie as a means to reboot Green Lantern, due to the fact that the Ryan Reynolds incarnation was not well received by fans and critics alike. Snyder’s Superman could also be rebooted through the Justice League movie, as Snyder himself claims that Man of Steel has no links to the Justice League project.