Batman: The Dark KnightFall 0

Batman: The Dark KnightFall

A couple of Hong Kong-based directors named Derek Kwok and Henri Wong (of Parabucks co.) has released just released a stop motion fan-film that will scratch the itch left behind by Nolan’s trilogy (or even the one left behind by Heath Ledger’s death).

The short fan film is titled Batman: Dark Knightfall and clocking in at 6 minutes, it features some of the best Bat- fight scenes you’ll see in a stop-motion film. The toys being used almost make it look like actual movie footage, the jerky movements inherent in stop-mocap give it away.

It’s best not to take it seriously, though. It looks grim and gritty at first, but be prepared to see Jack Nicholson’s Joker along with Heath Ledger’s, and even Michael Keaton’s Batman. The “Bat” and the camo-Tumbler also appear in the fanfilm. The infamous back-breaking scene with Bane is featured, although the way it played out may surprise you:

BATMAN : DARK KNIGHTFALL (HD full version) from Parabucks on Vimeo.