AMC’s Walking Dead Social Game Goes Beta 0

AMC's Walking Dead Social Game Goes Beta

AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game (not to be confused with Telltale Games’ Walking Dead game) has recently entered open beta, and you can take part in the oddly-themed social game for free if you have a Facebook account. (linkie:

AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game is exactly what you’d expect if you’re familiar with social games in Facebook. Basically, players are required to spend a finite amount of energy to attack, move, heal, etc. Weapons are purchased through in-game currency, which is either earned in game or bought en masse with real world money.

What’s unique about The Walking Dead Social game is that the zombies currently roaming the streets have pictures of your people from your Facebook friend list floating above them. When you kill said zombies, you will be prompted with an option to post an auto invite on said friend’s Facebook wall. It’s the kind of approach to marketing and promotion that has already been used (successfully, unfortunately) by a lot of Facebook games, and is actually something that very few Facebook users appreciate.