New Alternative to iOS and Android: Sailfish 0

New Alternative to iOS and Android: Sailfish

It used to be that Android was the first legitimate alternative to Apple’s iOS juggernaut, but over time, the market has shifted and it has now turned into something similar to Coke and Pepsi, with iOS and Android being the only two viable options, with Microsoft trying so hard to break the tie, only to encounter very limited success. However, a group of 100 or so Finns, most of them former Nokia employees, have come up with a new open source alternative: Sailfish.

Unlike Microsoft, the Sailfish developers, Jolla, know that they cannot take on both Google and Apple head to head, so they instead try to make their mark on fertile, yet unmined market: the Chinese mobile ecosystem. According to Jolla, China is the one market producing first time buyers of smartphones on a large enough scale and fast enough speed to give their new company a chance.

As for Sailfish itself, you may want to watch the video to get an idea on how it fares against Android and iOS: