10 Reasons Hawkman Doesn’t Suck Part 2 5

Continuing down the list of reasons why Hawkman doesn’t suck, with number 7.  Joe Kubert’s artistic legacy continues to be felt on the character with a number of prominent Kubert school graduates working on various takes on Hawkman over the years.  Prominent gradutes such as Tim Truman (Hawkworld, Grim Jack), Jan Duursema (Star Wars), Steve Lieber (Whiteout), and Rags Morales (Identity Crisis) have played pivotal roles in the evolution of Hawkman over recent years.  Most recently, one of Joe’s sons, Andy, teamed with his father on a pair of covers for the DCU: Legacies mini series, both prominently featuring Hawkman.  This leads nicely into . . .

6.  Tim Truman’s Hawkworld.  Originally conceived in collaboration with Gardner Fox, Truman’s Hawkworld was an exploration of the Thanagarian Hawkman’s early life prior to coming to Earth in the early 1960’s.  Fox passed away before work could begin, so Truman finished the series by himself as a tribute to his friend.  The mini focused on the themes of social inequality and class warfare on Thanagar and placed Katar Hol in situations that would have been considered unimaginable in the Silver Age, (mostly due to restriction existing as part of the comics code) but which added complexity to his character.  It’s popularity lead to an ongoing Hawkworld monthly in the Post-Crisis DCU, initially co-plotted by Truman, alongside John Ostrander (who continued on the series after Truman left).  Ostrander’s monthly Hawkworld continued the themes begun under Truman as the Hawks now arrived on the Post-Crisis Earth.  If this gives you a continuity headache, just think of it this way:  After reading Truman’s Hawkworld, you can choose your own adventure and go with the Silver Age Hawks in Brave and the Bold, or into the later age Truman/Ostrander Hawkworld series.  Works both ways.

5.  Hawkman is a trendsetter.  He was into the taped fist look years before it became fashionable.  Imagine the MMA bouts on Thanagar. . .step up, Lion-Mane!

to be continued. . .

Katar Hol challenges UFC Champion to Thanagarian Rules match

Kubert school graduate Steve Lieber's redesigns for the 90's version of Hawkman