New Xbox One Halo Teaser Trailer from E3 0


A lot has been said about Microsoft’s E3 presentation, almost all of them negative. Be that as it may, draconian DRM tactics and flagrant disregard for the first sale doctrine has not deterred some fans from looking forward to what the Xbox One has to offer as far as game exclusives go, and with the release of the new Halo Teaser Trailer, we sort of understand their position, but only by a little bit.

The new trailer shows series protagonist and all-around badass Master Chief being, well, dramatic in the desert while wearing a cloak. It looks good and I would be excited if I was planning on buying the console (I’m not. ISPs are a joke here so the always online thingie is a dealbreaker). But one thing sticks to our craw: what is the point of wearing a cloak when that huge ass suit of armor and helmet automatically gives you away, anyway?

You can watch the trailer below: