Wolfenstein 1D

Wolfenstein 1D 0

Wolfenstein 1D

Wolfenstein 3D is probably the least sophisticated FPS that most people from my generation has ever had a chance to play. That’s not to say that it’s not fun, I had a BLAST playing even the demo version. I’m just saying, it’s what most modern FPSes like Halo and Crysis would be if you stripped it down to the most basic FPS concepts, and replaced aliens and terrorists with Nazis. You can’t get much simpler than Wolfenstein 3D when it comes to FPSes.

Well, it turns out you still can.

Wolfenstein 1D
Programmer/Comedic Mastermind Mike Lacher recently added a twist to the classic FPS by removing 2 more dimensions out of the Wolfenstein 3D, such as the height and the depth, which leaves us with only a 1 pixel tall line of width to work with. What’s amazing about this is that it’s still completely playable.

You can play Mike’s Wolfenstein 1D mod over at his official website: http://wonder-tonic.com/wolf1d/

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