The Wii U Gets a New Wario Game: Game & Wario 0


The Nintendo Wii U will be getting a new minigame collection starring the mischievous and greedy Wario this year, titled “Game & Wario,” which is an obvious pun on Nintendo’s iconic line of portable gaming devices, the Game and Watch. The North American release is ambiguous, with the only timeframe given as “the first half of 2013,” but Japan gets a much more specific launch date for their version: March 28.

At the moment, only a handful of minigames have been revealed, but sources state that there should be a total of around 16 games, and unlike the seconds-long burst of minigames found in Wario’s previous minigame collections, Warioware, the ones in Game & Wario will be more fleshed out games will provide a more lasting experience than the short bursts of chaos and reflexes provided by the Warioware series.