Wii Mini Comes to the US with Mario Kart Wii Bundle 0


A year ago, Nintendo announced a new stripped-down version of the Wii that was priced in the sub-$100 range. I was exclusive to Canada at that time, but the big N has recently revealed that they are planning to bring it to the United States this holiday season, where it will retail for $99.99.

Since Nintendo has already ended production of the Wii, the Wii Mini could turn out to be the only way you can get a Wii experience in the future (the original Wii is still retailing in the US), at least, outside of the Wii U (which has Wii BC).

Technically, the Wii-Mini is meant for people who are severely budget-strapped and don’t mind losing out on features such as Internet connectivity and Gamecube support, making it similar to the Nintendo DS (which is a budget version of the 3DS that lacks 3D support and clamshell design.)

The Wii-Mini will come bunded with a single red Wii Remote Plus controller, a Red Nunchuck, and Mario Kart Wii.