Video: Low Score Run for Super Mario Bros. 0


If you’re into Youtube playthroughs, you’d know that exhibition plays are almost always about getting the high score to insanely high levels and/or finishing the game as fast as possible. While that’s certainly admirable and the actual purpose of most skill-based playthroughs, Youtube user NotEntirelySure went about it the other way around: by finishing Super Mario Bros. with the lowest score possible: 500.

The feat requires a tremendous amount of skill as it means you have to avoid all enemies, power ups, and coins in order to avoid getting any score. You also have to ensure that you hit the flag right before the timer drops to 0, as the remaining time do add up to the final score. The 500 is unavoidable because even the lowest part of the flagpole will net you a hundred.

You can check out the video below: