New Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer Released, Featuring Hugo 0


A new video has just been released for Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV, this time focused on former Final Fight generic baddie Hugo, who’s been added to the playable roster of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike before making his grand current-gen 3D debut on Street Fighter X Tekken. The trailer shows off a bunch of the 8-foot giant’s moves, along with some commentary from producer Tomoaki Ayano.

Standing 8 feet tall and weighing 440 lbs, Hugo is currently the tallest and heaviest character in the Street Fighter series, even dwarfing resident tall guys Zangief and Sagat. However, he does have the same size and build as Zako B from Street Fighter EXIII, mainly because Zako B is just a CPU-controlled variation of him (the character can only be used via a cheat code).

Ultra Street Fighter IV hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June, with a PC version to follow in August. See one of our previous posts for more info on the release.