Ultra Street Fighter IV to be Released on April 2014 0


The Japanese arcade center Kagoshima Amusement Liberty has recently tweeted a few key details that hint at the release date of Capcom’s update to Super Street Fighter IV, titled Ultra Street Fighter IV. According to KAL’s tweet, the updated version will be arriving in their country by April of 2014.

If you’re more of the home version kind of guy, the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions are scheduled for early 2014, so you’ll be able to get your World Warrior chops properly practiced much earlier than the arcade chumps.

As for what Ultra Street Fighter IV brings to the table, Capcom has confirmed that it will add new battle systems, new mechanics like the Ultra Combo Double and Red Focus Attack, among others. You can check out the video below for more details:

If you feel like USFIV isn’t that big of an update to Super Street Fighter IV and doesn’t command a full release price, then worry no more because people who already own Super Street Fighter: Arcade Edition can score Ultra Street Fighter IV as a $15 upgrade. The standalone release, on the other hand, will be worth $40.

Source: Kagoshima Amusement Liberty (via Siliconera.com)