New Trailer for Rune Factory 4 0


Xseed Games has recently released a brand new trailer for Rune Factory 4, which is scheduled to come out of the Nintendo 3DS later this year. This new trailer is ideal for people who are coming in from Harvest Moon (the video game series that spawned Rune Factory) already knowing how to farm, as it’s basically a tutorial on how to fight in the game.

For those not in the know, the Rune Factory series of games is essentially Harvest Moon with fantasy elements, so instead of being limited to farming equipment, you also need to wield swords and instead of raising livestock, you fight, defeat, and sometimes befriend monsters. Producer Yoshifumi Hashimito further distilled it down to “Harvest Moon where you wield a sword.” As for how you wield said sword, you can go ahead and check the trailer below: