New Trailer Introduces Super Time Force 0


Time-bending mechanics is by no means a new thing when it comes to games. Braid and Prince of Persia before it has already shown that the ability to slow down and rewind in the middle of the game make for some cool-looking games. However, Super Time Force has taken that nifty idea and further improved on it.

For instance, Super Time Force is a run and gun shooter instead of a platforming puzzle game, so the emphasis isn’t on bending time in order to come up with novel ways to traverse the stage – rather, you bend time in order to come up with cool new ways to rain down fiery destruction upon unsuspecting enemies. Think of it this way: the ability to rewind back to the same point several times in order to have several of your time-displaced ghosts concentrating fire on a single enemy. You can check out the trailer below to see what it looks like in action:

Super Time Force will be released on Xbox Live Arcade this year.