Next Tomb Raider Film will Fall in Line with Videogame Reboot 0


According to a recent report by Variety, the next Tomb Raider film may be a franchise reboot that will follow the videogames (which also got rebooted recently by Crystal Dynamics) more closely. Crystal Dynamics is reportedly working closely with the producers over at GK Films on the new movie, which will bring a younger version of Lara Croft to the big screen.

“It was important for both of us to have a cohesive version of the franchise,” said Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher. “We didn’t want to see a film version that was a continuation of the old ‘Tomb Raider’ films.”

The movie franchise reboot is not really that surprising, considering that the last film with Angelina Jolie playing the titular character only managed to take in $67 million domestically when it hit screens in 2003. If GK films manages to pull off what Crystal Dynamics did with the game, we may have ourselves an honest-to-goodness decent Tomb Raider flick on our hands.