Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Biblioca Make their Way to iOS 0

tales of phantasia psp

While some genres (particularly fighting games) have had trouble being translated to tablet and mobile-friendly formats, RPGs have always felt at home. In fact, touch interfaces actually work better in some cases when it comes to inventory and stat management, as well as for moving characters around via tapping. Namco Bandai knows this, which is why they are now taking steps to give mobile ports of some of the famous RPG franchises under their belt, with the latest ones being Tales of Bibliotecha and a port of Tales of Phantasia.

Tales of Phantasia will be a port of the PSP version, with the most notable change being the touch screen controls and support for micro-transactions, but Tales of Bibliotecha is a scenario collection that will allow players to relive some of their favorite Tales of stories, with the first chapter covering Tales of Vesperia. The first chapter is free, but subsequent ones are priced at 170 yen each or can be bought all at once for 1,700 yen. Each chapter comes with scenarios from famous scenes, summaries, new illustrations, and original voices.

Via: Gematsu.com

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