Tales of Phantasia Makes its Way to iOS as a Free App 0

Tales of phantasia ios

It seems like Namco has learned a few tricks from Square Enix, as they are now in the process of releasing classic titles on the iOS platform. This time around, they are porting the first Tales of Phantasia game, and they’re releasing it as a free app, the catch being that there’s in-app purchases.

According to Namco, the iOS version of Tales of Phantasia is complete and does not require any purchases to play to completion. The in-app purchases will be entirely optional and will give players slight advantages like powerful items, stat boosts, or extra checkpoints that you can use if your party dies. The game also adds voiceovers and animation for both battles and cutscenes, but bear in mind that the new content means that it’s going to be quite a hefty download at a whopping 400+ MB.

Additionally, there is a catch: the game requires you to be connected to the Internet everytime you want to play, so no – it’s not the type of app that you can take on vacation to a secluded island or a place that doesn’t have any WiFi.