Tales of Hearts R Makes Its Way to iOS 0

tales of hearts r

When it comes to the Tales series of RPGs, Japan always seems to get all the cool stuff, with the NA market only getting the tip of the iceberg (although the ones that do make it across the pond are good enough to satiate fans of the genre). It wouldn’t be so bad if like fighting games, the genre wasn’t unforgiving to people who can’t understand the language that the game uses – but that’s how the cookie crumbles. If you want everything that the Tales series has to offer, you have to learn how to understand Japanese and import stuff.

The latest salt in North American Tales fans is Tales of Hearts R, which is making its way to Japanese iOS devices and is being sold for the special launch price of ¥1,800 until October 15. After the special launch sale, Tales of Hearts R will be priced at ¥3,800.

Tales of Hearts R is by no means a new game, as Namco Bandai has already released it for the PS Vita (which in turn is a take on the original one released for the Nintendo DS back in 2008), but as far as iOS is concerned, Japan once again gets the longer end of the stick.

Via: Gematsu.com