Super Smash Land: A Game Boy Demake 0

Super Smash Land: A Game Boy Demake

HD remakes are all the rage these days, as game devs realize that classic games can be easily marketed just by updating the graphics. Even fans are recognizing the appeal of modern updates on retro games, with fanvideos such as FPS mario and 3D mario, but how about going the opposite way? Why not turn a modern franchise into a retro-looking demake?

Enter: Super Smash Land.

Super Smash Land is a FREE fan-made PC game that gives players a chance to see what Super Smash Brothers would have looked like if it was released for the Nintendo Gameboy. Super Smash Land comes with the same fun 4 player free for all gameplay that made SSB popular, but simplifies the graphics down to 8 bit sprites, going so far as to simulate the classic GB’s green palette.

For more details (and the download), you can visit the game’s official site at