Super Mario Bros. in one screen 0

Super Mario Bros. in one screen
You’d think that people have already exhausted all of their super-mario themed ideas after turning the game into 3D, into first person, and even turning it into a kinect-like game that uses a webcam to control Mario by hand – but it turns out designer Johan Peitz can still provide people with a fresh new take on the plump Italian plumber.

Entitled Super Mario Summary, Johan Peitz’s Flash game goes the other way and completely simplifies Super Mario Bros down to its base level. The controls leave you with just running back and forth and jumping – no fireballs, no brick breaking. And what’s more important, each world (not stage) has been condensed into a single screen. There’s no scrolling in this game.

What’s surprising is the game is very playable, and actually a whole lot of fun. It’s no longer a sidescrolling platformer, but a puzzle platformer that requires fast reflexes, strategic thinking and very nimble fingers to get the highest scores.

You can play the game straight from your browser at Johan Peitz’ site.