Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Released for the Virtual Boy 0

street fighter virtual boy

Virtual Boy was one of the gaming devices that Nintendo wants you to forget about, since it’s one of the low points of their company’s existence (lack of available games, bulky and hard to use, plus a 3D effect that can literally make you go blind if overused), but the portable – if you can call it that – gaming device eventually found a cult following among collectors and videogame historians. If fall in either category, or just interested in the hardware from a curiosity standpoint, you might want to check out a new homebrew that finally adapts Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting to the little Nintendo 3D device that could (blind you). You can check out the video below:

For a homebrew effort, the result is actually very, very good. The framerate is solid and outside of a few awkward frames of animation, looks very much like what Capcom would come up with if they supported the Virtual Boy. If you want to try it out for yourself, there’s a couple of things you need to know first, and I am very very sorry for getting your hopes up.

First is that it doesn’t work on any virtual boy emulator that’s out at the moment. You have to use it on a real Virtual Boy, which is already expensive on its own, but you also need to score one of the two elusive flash carts for the system, both of which need to be hunted down on eBay.

But if you’re one of the few people who actually has the means to try it out, you can download the homebrew ROM via Planet VB: