Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor Live Action Trailer 0

Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor Live Action Trailer

Capcom has just released the first live action teaser trailer for their upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. The 41 second teaser trailer includes 15 seconds of live action footage taken straight from the longform Steel Battalion: Gosha trailer filmed in Poland, which will tie into the game.

Scheduled for release on June 19, 2012, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a sequel to the 2002 mecha simulation game Steel Battalion, which originally came out for the Xbox. Steel Battalion was noteworthy for requiring its own controller, which has two control sticks and around 40 buttons. The bundled controller meant that the game sold for a premium, with retail copies going for $200.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will not come with any custom controllers, as it will make use of the Xbox 360’s Kinect sensor for controls, this may ensure that the game will have a wider userbase, and can be sold for a much affordable price.